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Woofys Boarding & Daycare

We aim to to give your pet a safe and happy boarding or day care experience. Your pet will receive the best care possible. All kennels are different sizes and dimensions to accommodate different breeds.

They are fully heated ,air conditioned, double glazed and matted/raised beds. Background music 24/7 to chill out there after daily activities.

You will get a text to let you know how your pet is doing. A vet is on call 24/7 if required. We can cater for dogs of all sizes and ages. If medication is required for your pets we can cater for that as we are qualified as canine responders. All dogs get morning, afternoon and evening walks daily in our fields.

Our exercise fields extend to 15 acres of land so your pet will get plenty of exercise. After that they can play out in the secure play areas indoor and out to suit all weathers. There are games and jump tunnels to keep them amused. All dogs will be kenneled separately, unless the owner requires us to kennel them together and we will accommodate accordingly, but woofys/snuggles accepts no liability or responsibilty for any injuries, loss or damage caused to/by the animal when kennel together.

Woofys Kennels is a member of the Irish Boarding Kennels and Catthery Association

For the safety of all pets, Woofy's will only accept pets that have up-to-date vaccinations, which includes kennel cough for dogs. Pet owners will be required to bring their vaccination certificate when leaving their pets in for their holidays or text use a copy 6 days before arrival 087-9877040.


Kennel Cough + yearly Vaccinations. The Kennel Cough vaccination has to be completed 14 days before your dogs first day for boarding and all dogs must be neutered after 15 months, there are no exceptions.

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Play areas



Ask Niamh for details

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